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Relay Module

EUR 20.56 incl. VAT

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1Relays 1.0 0
1Gadgeteer cable F/F 10.8 cm (light) 136

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Four relays are included in this module, with “NC” ports, meaning “Normally connected to COM” and “NO” ports, meaning “Normally open to COM”. This module is also equipped with 4 LED'S to show the status of the relays.

Relay Rating: 250V 10A AC / 30V 10A DC / 15A 120VAC / 7A 250VAC

• Socket: Y
• Size: 73mm x 53mm
• Weight: 57g
• 3.3V Consumption : 0mA
• 5V Consumption: 20mA
• Includes one Gadgeteer cable

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