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EUR 93.98

Argon R1 Starter Kit

EUR 113.71 incl. VAT

pcs item stock if not stocked
1Argon R1 V1.4 2
2BUTTON 1.0 0
1LED ARRAY 1.0 0
5Gadgeteer cable F/F 10.5 cm (dark) 66

Selling off. Do not order more than stocked.
The Argon R1 is a new .NET Gadgeteer Mainboard from Love Electronics.

The kit has our latest Argon R1 board you can program using the latest version of .NET Micro Framework, version 4.2. A USB DC Power module for connecting the Argon to your computer for debugging and deployment, as well as powering your project in the field. An LED Array module for outputting your program status, perhaps a progress indicator or just making a larsson scanner. Two Button modules for you to be able to interact with your program. The button modules have two LEDs on also so you'll have a total of 11 LEDs to program.

The kit will be required to follow our Getting Started guide videos that will be appearing on the website soon, showing you how to program various applications using the modules provided in the kit.

The kit provides you with everything you need to get started, at a discount from buying each part seperately! If you've not tried Gadgeteer before this is the product for you. Once you've got to grips with how easy it is to create and change your programs, you can add more advanced modules to do even more!

• One Argon R1 Mainboard
• One USB DC Power Module
• Two Button Modules
• One LED Array Module
• Modules include Gadgeteer cables.

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