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Standoff Aluminium M/F 4-40 4-pack With Screws

EUR 1.67 incl. VAT

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4Aluminium standoff M/F ⅜ inch ⌀ 2 mm 108
4Aluminium screw 0.5 cm ⌀ 2 mm 0
4Nut M2 60

Selling off. Do not order more than stocked.
Those standoffs will hold your modules and plates together. Having one male end and one female head, they are ideal to stack on top of one another.

The standoffs come in packs of four, so that each pack will let you mount one module. We provide four screws and four nuts to go with the standoffs so this is a complete mounting kit for one module.

The screws, nuts and standoffs use standard 4-40 threading. The standoffs are 3/8" long.

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