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Go Tinker Kit

EUR 204.71 incl. VAT

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1netduino GO! 5
1Touch Display Module 1
1netduino G button REV.A 8
1netduino G rgb led REV.A 6
1netduino G potentiometer REV.A 9
1Large Plate 0
4Aluminium standoff M/F ⅜ inch ⌀ 2 mm 108
4Aluminium screw 0.5 cm ⌀ 2 mm 0
4Nut M2 60
2Plate of 4 rubber feets ⌀ 1.1 cm 2
2[TBW] GoCable 5.5 cm 6
2[TBW] GoCable 10.5 cm 4
1Internal packaging (display box) 1
1USB cable M/M A/Micro USB 26

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Netduino Go! Tinker Kit is a solid value containing everything you need to get started in style with this fantastic plug-and-play electronics platform.

The simple button and potentiometer input modules, together with the RGB LED, will let you discover and experiment on a very gentle learning curve, and the comfortable, powerful, TFT LCD touch display will accompany you as you grow into more elaborate projects. The modular nature of the system ensures that you will never feel constrained: just add some new modules and be on your way to new adventures in Making.

A Clean Building Slate

The large prototyping plate coming with the kit will provide a clean surface on which to organize your project as you build it. It's also a beautiful showcase for your finished creation, worthy of being displayed on your walls. It comes with clear rubber feet providing an excellent grip and enough aluminum standoffs, screws and nuts to fasten all your modules.