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Nwazet Pro Kit - Black Acrylic Plates With Fasteners

EUR 27.79 incl. VAT

pcs item stock if not stocked
1Nwaze Pro Kit - back plate 1
1Nwazet Pro Kit - front plate 1
22Black screw 1.5 cm ⌀ 2 mm 22
22Aluminium standoff M/F ⅜ inch ⌀ 2 mm 108
32Nut M2 60
4Nylon screw 0.9 cm ⌀ 2 mm 4
22Aluminium standoff without thread, 4,5mm high 22

Selling off. Do not order more than stocked.
The laser-cut acrylic plates and all the fasteners required to put together your own Netduino Go Pro Kit if you already own the Go! modules.

Be proud to showcase your work, presenting an image of quality from concept to finished product: your work deserves the polish of our black acrylic plates, laser-cut to exquisite precision around the best Netduino Go modules available today. All you need to bring is your own Netduino Go and the remaining modules to fit them into this wonderful piece of work.

What can fit in it?
Netduino Go Module
Komodex 7-segment Display
Netduino Go Data Acquisition Module
Potentiometer for Netduino Go
• 2x Breadboard
• and of course you could use also M/M Jumper Wires