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Seven Segment Display Module for Netduino Go

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Looking for a fast, easy way to display numeric data from your Netduino Go? This module features four white digits, a colon, and an apostrophe in the top right. It can be used to display sensor readings, temperatures, or even the current time.

This module is designed for use with the Netduino Go from Secret Labs.


• Four digits – display any number from 0-9999
• Dimmable – 1,024 levels of brightness
• Custom characters – each digit can be set to a custom value, allowing you to turn individual LEDs on or off
• Colon – a colon in the middle of the display can be turned on for use as a clock or stopwatch
• Apostrophe – an apostrophe in the top right of the display can be used as a secondary indicator, a degree symbol for temperature readings, etc.
• Fully Go! Bus Compliant – simply plug it in to your Netduino Go and install the easy-to-use drivers to get started