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USB Device and Power Supply Module

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1USB Device and Power Supply 0
1Gadgeteer cable F/F 4.5 cm (dark) 4

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Gadgeteer USB Device and +5V, +3V3 Power Supply

This is a Gadgeteer module with a USB mini OTG connector for USB Device and a +5V (unregulated) and +3V3 regulated supply.

The +5V can be supplied from the USB connected Host or externally via a 2 pin terminal block. The External +5V and the USB +5V are isolated, so external power will not feed back to the USB host.

The +3V3 supply is derived from the +5V supply and can source 500mA.

USB Cable supplied with the Module

Dimensions are 37mm x 27mm. Socket type 'D'

The Solder mask on the module is Red, as this is a 'Powered' module.

The USB Device is normally used to connect your Gadgeteer Main board to Visual Studio or MFDeploy tools, for Debugging and Deploying of Appllcations.

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