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Serial to USB Module

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1Serial2USB 1
1Gadgeteer cable F/F 6.5 cm (dark) 6

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Gadgeteer Serial to USB Module

This is a Gadgeteer module to convert a Main Serial port to a virtual USB Serial Port. Uses FTDI chipset, so drivers already installed on PCs.

Can be used with or with out handshake.

The USB connection is via a OTG mini USB connector. Led indicators for Tx and RX as well as power.

This module can be used on a NANO to connect Com 1 to a PC, allowing simple connection to the Meridian Serial Boot Loader flashing application.

Dimensions are 27mm x 22mm. Socket type 'K' or 'U'

The supplied module library package includes the Gadgeteer support for Serial ports, with functions to simplify reading and writing data streams, strings and bytes.

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