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WiFi RS21 Module with UEXT Connector

EUR 128.29 incl. VAT

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1WiFi RS21 1.2 1
1Gadgeteer socket S to UEXT board 1
1Gadgeteer cable F/F 10.5 cm (dark) 70

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Thanks to GHI's months of research and engineering, WiFi is available on GHI's NETMF devices with minimal efforts to the end user.

This the same as the WIFi RS21 Module. The only difference is that this module has the UEXT connector soldered on and and includes 2.54mm cable that works with UEXT connectors convenience. This works directly with FEZ Cobra, EMX Development System and with ChipworkX Development System without the need for any additional work or components.

The user can always get the original WiFi RS21 Module and solder a regular 0.1" 2x5 header on.

This module is based on Redpine Signals' RS9110-N-11-21-01 WiFi module.

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