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Mountaineer USB Mainboard

EUR 63.25 incl. VAT

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1USB Mainboard 7
1USB cable M/M A/Micro USB 29

This mainboard is a Mountaineer Group designed and GHI Electronics manufactured .NET Gadgeteer mainboard with integrated USB connectors and power supply.

• "Red mainboard" powered via USB
• 168 MHz STM32F407 microcontroller with 192 KB RAM and 1 MB on-chip Flash
• 8 MB external Flash, for data logging etc
• Two independent USB controllers
• User-programmable RGB LED and button
• 9 Gadgeteer sockets plus USB connector
• MicroUSB cable is included

Note: Do not use any power modules (red color modules) with this mainboard as it contains it own power supplies; otherwise, you may damage the mainboard or the module.

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