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Relay X1 2.0 Module

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1Relay X1 2.0 1
1Gadgeteer cable F/F 10.8 cm (light) 165

Selling off. Do not order more than stocked.
Relays are power-controlled switches. This module includes one relay capable of controlling up to 10A-250VAC 10A-30VDC. The terminal block includes both, normally open and normally closed connections to the relay.

Includes one Gadgeteer cable

WARNING: Observe extreme caution when wiring circuits to the power grid. Hire an electrician if you are not 110% sure of what you are doing.

IMPORTANT: Modules version 1.3 and older have a major design flaw where the low voltage GND is too close to the high voltage signals. Do not use these older modules with high voltages, only with high currents.

Required Socket Type Gadgeteering socket type that is required on the host device X or Y
5V Tolerant This module can tolerate a 5V signal from the Host device.
Relays 10A-250VAC 10A-30VDC
Power Consumption - Consumption during Active / Idle / Sleep states. 0 @ 3.3 V, 20 mA @ 5 V
Dimensions - Measurements in millimeters. 32 x 42 x 19.2 mm
Weight 57 g

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