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WiFi RN171 Module

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1WiFi RN171 1.2 0
1Gadgeteer cable F/F 10.8 cm (light) 188

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This WiFi module is pre-configured to run in access-point mode (Hot Spot). Allowing for direct connections between this module (through any Gadgeteer mainboard) and any WiFi device. Being an access-point, there is no need for connecting to any existing network and it overcomes the issues found in using Ad-Hoc. The built-in DHCP server automatically assigns an IP to the device.

The module broadcasts a network with an SSID that is set by the use and then a WiFi enabled device, such as a smart phone (including iPhones, iPod and iPad, Android devices, laptops) can connect to this network (module) directly. The drivers include everything you need to host webpages and accepts request coming from the device's browser, HTTP. Using plain TCP is available as well.

This module also supports connecting to an existing network but as of now, this is not supported. We only support direct connection between this WiFi module and another WiFi device. However, the driver are open source for those wanting to dig into the code and make the necessary changes.

•Socket: U or K
•Size: 42mm x 52mm
•Weight: TBD
•3.3V Consumption : TBD
•5V Consumption: 0mA
•Includes one Gadgeteer cable