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FEZ Touch

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1FEZ Touch V1.0 6
2Screw distancer M2 1.5 cm 12
2Nut M2 60

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This 2.4 inch TFT display has full 16-bit color graphics at 240x320 pixels. The touch screen panel makes it ideal for compact user interface. The display is directly supported with FEZ Panda II. Plug and play in the 40 pin female header. Display may still work with other platforms like FEZ Domino but wiring will be required.
Note that FEZ Panda (based on USBizi chipset) doesn't have high level graphics libraries like FEZ Cobra (based on EMX module) so you can't load JPG and GIF directly but GHI provides graphical libraries to aid in drawing on this display.

• 240x320 QVGA
• Full 16-bit color
• Touch panel
• On-board touch controller.

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