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ALFAT 2 SoC Processor

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ALFAT 2 SoC processor offers a seamless way to access files on SD & MMC cards and on USB memory drives. Simple commands are used on UART (serial), SPI or I2C to access files at high rates. Rates are as high as 4000K Bytes/sec on SD and as high as 4000K Bytes/sec on USB memory.

ALFAT 2 adds a major feature and many smaller improvements over the original ALFAT, while still keeping 100% backward compatibility. The new major addition to the feature list is in ALFAT's ability to support USB client as a mass storage device. This is a perfect option for many applications, namely data loggers. In this mode, ALFAT will continue to allow a product to access files using serial commands but it can optionally become an SD card reader over the USB port.

Many other improvements have been added, such as DATARDY pin for SPI interface and 9600 default baud rate option for UART. None of the changes break backward compatibility, new changes are simply added improvements or features.