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FEZ Cerbot - Assembled

EUR 90.93 incl. VAT

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1Cerbot (assembled) mainboard with servos 2
13Ft USB2.0 A-Male to Mini 5pin Male (black) 3
1Cerbot enclosure (paper box) 3

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The simplicity of programming the FEZ Cerbot using Microsoft's Visual Studio's .NETMF. makes it ideal for young adults and schools. The expandability of the FEZ Cerbot, through .NET Gadgeteer sockets, makes it ideal for advanced users and universities.

Out of the box, FEZ Cerbot includes a speaker to generate tones, 16 front LEDs, two gear motors with wheels and a four AA battery holder. It also includes two reflective sensors allowing developers to create a line-follower, a maze-solver or to prevent it from falling off desks and tables.

Thanks to .NET Gadgeteer, the six compatible sockets allow FEZ Cerbot to be extended in many ways. Add a WiFi RN171 module to control the robot from a mobile phone or add a Serial Camera module to take snapshots along the way then save them using a SD or Micro SD module. By adding a Distance U3 module FEZ Cerbot can detect objects, with information showing on the Character Display or the N18 Display. Let’s not forget about the numerous available sensors, like Accelometer, Gyro, Compass and Temperature, just to name a few.

The design is completely open-source (OSHW) allowing developers to make changes and utilize the system to its fullest. The complete .NETMF runtime sources are provided, including GHI’s extended OSHW library. On the hardware side, the complete schematics and design files are provided in EAGLE format.

While FEZ Cerbot ships with .NETMF and .NET Gadgeteer, a standard JTAG connection is included for direct access to the STM32F4 Cortex-M4 processor. With the design being open source, FEZ Cerbot can be programmed using a developer’s favorite tools.

There are two options, FEZ Cerbot -Assembled and FEZ Cerbot - Unassembled. They are both identical but the assembled version makes it simpler for those with no soldering experience.

Key Features:
•STM32F4 168Mhz CPU, 1MB FLASH
•2x Reflective sensors
•2x Motors
•5V Boost voltage regulator
•H-bridge motor control
•4xAA Battery holder
•Includes one USB cable

* The wheels ship unassembled, need to be snapped on.