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pH & Temperature Module

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1pH+Temp Meter Module 1.1 0
1Gadgeteer cable F/F 10.5 cm (dark) 73

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The pH / Temperature module allows you to measure the pH and Temperature of your solution using any standard pH probe and a RTD temperature sensor.

The pH is measured by passing a reference voltage of 1.024V into the pH probe - connected via the premium AMP BNC connector - and measuring the output voltage of the probe as it changes due to ions in the solution. This measurement is fed into a dedicated 16bit analog to digital converter (ADC) on the module and transmitted to the mainboard using I2C over an I socket. By using this high quality ADC you are able to determine measurements with a high degree of precision. This also means your analog inputs on your mainboard are free for other applications.

Temperature is measured by way of a wheatstone bridge, which accurately measures changes in resistance. By using an resistance temperature detector (RTD) which connects to the high quality terminal connectors we can measure this resistance and determine the temperature. The output of the wheatstone bridge is connected to our onboard ADC, meaning high accuracy measurements. The wheatstone bridge is configured for the best accuracy at 1000Ohm RTDs, however will function with other values of RTD sensors.

If you want to take multiple pH measurements simultaneously, we've added space for some headers on the address selector lines of the ADC (J1 and J2). By changing the address lines between high, floating and ground you can have up to 8 modules connected!

This module does not come with a pH electrode. Any standard or laboratory probe will work well. The module also does not come with an RTD sensor, the following RTD sensors are included in the SDK:

• Pt100
• Pt1000
• 1000 Ohm NTC

• Measure pH and Temperature
• 16 bit onboard ADC.
• Dedicated 3.3V regulator.
• Multiple modules can be connected.
• Module includes Gadgeteer cable.
• Socket: I
• Size: 32mm x 47mm
• Weight: 18g

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