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Ethernet SD Module

EUR 32.47 incl. VAT

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1Ethernet and SD 4
1Gadgeteer cable F/F 6.5 cm (dark) 7

Selling off. Do not order more than stocked.
Add Ethernet and SD card to your NANO.

This is a Gadgeteer 'Manufacturer' specific module and connects to a Nano main board 'Z' socket.

Dimensions are 37mm x 47mm. Socket type 'Z'

SD card support for micro SD cards up to 2GB (SPI type interface). Note - SD cards with a capacity larger than 2Gb generally do not support the SPI interface, so will not work. In general SD cards with a capacity of 2Gb or less support SPI.

Ethernet support is for 10Base T.

Library includes support functions for reading and writing files to SD, directory functions etc. Supports Card Insert/Eject events.

Ethernet supports Gadgeteer Network Library with classes for Web Servers etc. allowing simple development of connected devices.

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