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Serial Camera

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1Serial Camera 0
1Gadgeteer cable F/F 6.5 cm (dark) 7

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Gadgeteer Serial Camera Module

This is a Gadgeteer module with a Serial VGA Camera.

The picture resolution can be set to 640 x 320, 240 x 120 and 120 x 120. Picture is returned as a JPEG file. Progress events are available as the JPEG is being downloaded from the camera.

Single push button can be used as the 'shutter' trigger, or shutter can be triggered programatically.

Dimensions are 37mm x 47mm, 4 mounting holes pitch 30mm x 40mm. Height is 30mm. Socket type 'K' or 'U'

The module library handles all aspects of Camera set up and mode configuration. Simple user interface trigger pictures and return a JPEG. Picture process is asynchronous (handled on its own thread).

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