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LED Array Module

EUR 6.99 incl. VAT

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1LED ARRAY 1.0 0
1Gadgeteer cable F/F 10.5 cm (dark) 73

Selling off. Do not order more than stocked.
If you need some kind of bar graph to indicate sensor readings, the LED Array is perfect, or if you just want to display some binary number. You may even give in and make it flash in all sorts of patterns (we did).

The board connects to a Y socket on your mainboard, and by dragging and dropping the module onto your design surface in Visual Studio, you can easily access the LEDs using either a simple set method, using an array accessor, or as a percentage of something (set the top and bottom values and the module handles the rest).

If you are just beginning with Gadgeteer this module is a budget way to display more outputs from your system. If you already have 10 other modules - you could probably do with an easier way to display all of their statuses!

• LEDs: 2 Green, 3 Orange, 2 Red
• Module includes Gadgeteer cable.
• Socket: Y
• Size: 32mm x 27mm
• Weight: 2.78g

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