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Serial-to-USB eblock

EUR 22.27 incl. VAT

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1Serial2USB V1.2 13
1USB cable M/M A/Mini-B 10
2JST3AA 3-wire cable (R/W/K) 71

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This eblock instantly converts any COM (serial) port to a USB connection. Windows sees this eblock as a virtual serial port so, for windows applications, this is simply a serial port on the system.

Developers can deploy and debug applications through this eblock, freeing the real USB port to be customized to the application's requirements, such as HID or mass storage.

On the other hand, USB can be used for debugging and deploying while this eblobk creates a second channel to the PC for data transfer. An example is in an application where configuration is entered on a serial terminal software.

Two JST cables are included.

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