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Accelerometer Module

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1Accel. 3 Axis 0
1Gadgeteer cable F/F 4.5 cm (dark) 4

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Gadgeteer 3 Axis Accelerometer Module

This is a Gadgeteer module to measure dynamic and staic acceleration in 3 Axis, X , Y and Z. The module uses I2C to connect to the main board. The range can be selected from 2G, 4G and 8G.

Measurement modes are Sampling, Averaging and level triggered. A 'Tap' detect function is also available.

Dimensions are 22mm x 17mm, with 4 mounting holes at a pitch of 15mm x 10mm. Socket type 'I'. Socket is on the rear of the board.

The supplied module library package includes support for Sampling, Average and level triggered modes.

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