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AUG AMI DevKit .NET Micro Framework

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11 m UTP cable shielded 5e 1
10.5 m AUG-PC cable DB9-M/RJ45 1
11 m cable DB9-F/5×1 socket F 1
110 cm cable USB B socket/2×5 socket M 1
4Plastic distance ring 2.5 cm ⌀ 3 mm pluggable 4
1Kingston USB thumb drive (AUG belt) 1
2Internal filling (plastic foam AUG) 2
1Internal packaging (AUG supply box) 1
1Internal packaging (AUG box) 1

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A DevKit (development board) based on the ATMEL AT91SAM9261 (ARM 9 Core) and the .NET Micro Framework 3.0/4.0/4.1. The board is equipped with a 3.4" OLED Display 480x272 (amazing viewing angle and contrast at very low power consuption), a 10/100 MBit Ethernet Auto-MDI and some more nice features on it like touch-screen with gesture support. Please see the product portal for details.

You ask yourself what's so special about it?

programming, deploying and debugging directly with Visual Studio 2008/2010
includes full intellisense support
100% C# managed code - no underlaying OS (.NET MF itself beeing the OS)
consuming and / or HOSTing Web-Services (DPWS) on the device
user interface using WPF (a small subset of desktops Windows Presentation Foundation)
NO contact with hardware-close code like ISRs, processor registers, address mapping or assembly language