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EUR 274.54

Topaz i.MX25 Development Kit

EUR 332.19 incl. VAT

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1Topaz ı.MX25 Development Kıt REV 2.0 1
12M Null Modem Cable DB9 F/F 1
12M Orange Cat5e UTP Patch Lead - 350MHz (T568A Specification) 1
1Internal filling (plastic foam Topaz) 3
1Internal packaging (Topaz box) 3

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The Topaz Development Kit is the ideal platform for evaluating the i.MX25 and prototyping new designs. It includes all the features you expect from a development board AND the ability to complete you prototype fast through easy access to the i.MX25 signals. On top of that it is fully compatible with the SchmartBoard™ prototyping system.

Key features include 10/100 Ethernet, LCD and touch screen controller, USB Host and OTG ports, serial ports, SD card and an on-board accelerometer. Supporting new LCDs is possible without the need to modify the display driver firmware.

Moving from prototype to product is quick & easy. The Topaz Development Kit uses the production-ready Topaz CPU module removing the need to make changes to your software to support your final hardware.

· Topaz i.MX25 Topaz module including 64Mbytes mobile DDR and 128Mbytes flash
· 10/100 Ethernet
· USB Host and OTG ports
· SD card
· 5x serial ports (1x RS232, 4x logic level)
· Freescale MMA7660FC Accelerometer with event detection
· Freescale SGTL5000 audio codec with stereo audio out, line and microphone inputs
· 2x CAN ports (logic level)
· Easy-to-interface to external signals on 0.1” headers
· SchmartBoard™compatible

· SPI, I2C and SIM/smart card interfaces

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