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FEZtive Kit 25 Meter

EUR 1,186.45 incl. VAT

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1[TBW] FEZtive PartA Rev 1.1 4
1[TBW] FEZtive PartB Rev 1.1 4
5[TBW] Digital Waterproof LED Strip 5 m 2

Selling off. Do not order more than stocked.
These 800 water-proof RGB LEDs and individually programmable to any color you wish, that is 800 x 3 (RGB) = 2400 LED elements. They span 25 meters on 5 individual strips, 5 meters each. These can be wired to the included FEZtive boards (part A and B) in 5 rows. These 5 rows can span across a wall, a sign or anything you can imagine (a tree!)

The LEDs need 5V to run and since there is so many of them, an external power supply is needed. We recommend 10A power supply or more but it depends on how bright the LEDs are lit and how many are on at once.

• Socket: S
• Size: TBD
• Weight: TBD
• 3.3V Consumption: None
• 5V Consumption: None
• LED Controller: LPD8806