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Micro Dev Kit

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Bring your ideas to life fast with the low cost Meridian Micro Development Board. Complete Single Board Computer ( SBC) with peripheral support for Ethernet,RS232,USB and SDCard on board, start coding in C# using Visual Studio and the .NET Micro Framework V4.

Prototype or low volume production with the 4” x 2.55” (100mm x 65mm) form-factor. The expansion connectors give access to all Meridian GPIO functions, SPI and I2C plus managed interfaces to PWM and a frequency counter, along with the LCD signals and a USB port for application download and debug.

Additional plug in boards under development for LCD Touchscreen, GPRS/3G and GPS functiionality.

Micro framework Version 4 Device

* Freescale i.MXS ARM920T at 100MHz
* 8MBytes SDRAM
* 4MBytes Flash
* application download and debug
* 2 Serial Ports: 1 logic level + 1 RS232 level
* I2C
* Frequency Counter
* Ethernet via RJ45 connector
* SD Card
* JTAG connector
* TFT LCD Touchscreen expansion connector
* Button and LED accessible from application code
* 27 GPIO pins - all can be configured as interrupts
* Power via External +5v or via USB
* 3V3 Power Supply o/p available
* All Meridian signals available via 0.1" headers

The Micro Dev board supports version 4.1 of the .NET Micro Framework. A Board Support Package (BSP) for use with the Porting Kit is under development for advanced users.

LCD Expansion Kit available, turn your MicroDev Board into a complete GUI Dev kit with a 480 * 272 LCD with Touchscreen and Nav buttons.