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Embedded Development Kit Plus

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1EDKPlus CD August 2010 2
1iPac-9302 REV1 2
1RadioShack Metal ²⁵⁄₃₂" (20MM) PC BOARD STANDOFFS 2
1Serial cable 6FT F/F NULL MODEM 2
1Serial port cable 000-F903 2
1Internal packaging (SJJ supply box) 2
1Internal filling (bubbles) 4
1Internal packaging (EDK box) 2

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Developing an embedded device from the ground up has always been a challenging task. Board bring-up is the critical path for any project. The EDK has been design to help eliminate this critical path so you can concentrate on your application.

The EDK features EMAC’s iPac-9302 Single Board Computer (SBC) with the the .NET Micro Framework V4.1 already on board. The iPac-9302 features an ARM9 processor with a variety of I/O to meet the needs of any application. The EDK contains an instruction manual, sample source code, serial cables, and other tools to allow engineers and students to develop applications with managed code.

The EDK can be used to develop a variety of embedded applications such as robotics, shipment tracking, industrial controls, security systems, Point of Service applications, and much more. The EDK is ideal for engineering students getting familiar with writing code for an embedded system, hobbyists, and Engineers looking to build small footprint devices. With the .NET Micro Framework already ported to the iPac-9302, you only have to focus on writing the application, thus saving time to market.

There are two EDKs available - EDK and EDKplus. The EDKplus supports a fully populated iPac-9302 that includes a second serial port and batter backed RTC.

* Cirrus Logic EP9302 ARM9 200MHz Processor
* PC/104 Dimensions of 96 mm x 90 mm (3.77" x 3.54")
* External Reset Button
* 8 MB External Flash
* 8 MB External SDRAM