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G400-S Module

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1G400-S SoM 1

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G400-S is a powerful SMD System on Module (SoM) hosting a 400MHz. ARM9 processor with 4 MB Flash and 128MB DDR that runs Microsoft .NET Micro Framework (NETMF). Our SoMs include a Premium Library that extends the NETMF core with many of our exclusive features.

All you need is power and some connections to bring the latest technologies to your products.There is no additional licensing or fees. All development tools and SDKs are provided freely.

Key features:
•Processor: Atmel SAM9X35
•RAM: 128MBytes
•Flash: 4MBytes
•Embedded LCD Controller
•USB Host/device
•4-bit SD card interface
•2x CAN
•6x UART
•2x SPI
•89x IOs
•12x Analog
•4x PWM
•2x USB Host
•Full TCP/IP with Ethernet, WiFi support
•Runs Microsoft's .NET Mico Framework with GHI's premium libraries
•Dimensions: 48.2mm x 33mm x 4.3mm
•Weight: 7g
•Power: 98mA

•RoHS compliant /Lead-free compliant.
•Operating temperature: -40°C to 85°C

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