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Pulse InOut Module (DaisyLink)

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1[TBW] PulseInOut 1.1 0
1Gadgeteer cable F/F 10.5 cm (dark) 73

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Provides eight additional PWM signals, as well as eight pulse-measuring inputs. These can be used to measure pulses from flow sensors for example, but its main purpose is actually RC robotics. The inputs can be used to connect any RC receiver from two to eight channels. The receiver simply generates pulses matching the knob positions. The output PWMs can be use to control servo motors directly or brushed and brushless motors through appropriate controllers. Advanced developers can take advantage of the 50 Mhz processor used on this module to handle specific tight-timing robotic needs by modifying the open-source C-language software.

This module is supported by OpenDaisyLink (ODL) project. Click here for more details.

•Socket: X or Y
•Size: 42mm x 54mm
•Weight: 9g
•3.3V Consumption : TBD
•5V Consumption: TBD
•Includes one Gadgeteer cable